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Image from page 415 of “Life and light for woman” (1873)


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Image from page 415 of “Life and light for woman” (1873)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: lifelightforwoma15woma
Title: Life and light for woman
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Woman’s Board of Missions
Subjects: Congregational churches
Publisher: [Boston : Woman’s Boards of Missions
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
hters-in-law, that they get into carriages with their teachers, go to Shali-mar Gardens, bathe in the tank, sit at table and eat, and thenmake a quantity of tea to fly.t At Ludhiana, Amritsar, Lahore, Sialkote, and other placeshow many converts have the missionaries made in the surround-ing country! At Ludhiana two Afghan princesses have be-come Christians, and have been sent to Massouri. Sometimes wehear a daughter of a lamhiddr has become a Christian, and thenthat a Mohammedan woman has married a black Karain.J Wecertainly hear of such things, but they produce no effect on us.O believers! if you have any love for your religion, any respectfor your ancestors, think how this thing may be stopped. Giveyour money, establish your own schools, where your daughterscan be taught what is necessary for them to know. * The Quran is not allowed in any mission school. t This accusation is a mistake. t A term of contempt for East Indian Christians. 408 LIFE AND LIGET. ottttjj l^aple^ leptJJtn^nJ.

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-^♦•H A TEIP TO KALGAN. BY MISS M. A. HOLBBOOK. (^ ^M^]0 ^ invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Sprague, of Kalgan,Vn^^ilralll for Miss Andrews and myself to spend as much ofthe summer vacation as we can with them, I an-nounced, holding up a letter. You must go, everybody exclaimed.Miss Andrews is really worn out, but I dontneed it. I never was in better health in my life.Yes; but the real hot weather hasnt comeyet, and you must remember last summers ex-perience, and the summer before that.** Yes, and the summer before that, somebody else added. Shant give you a mouthful to eat if you stay, the house-mother of us all exclaimed. After that everybody seemed to begin everything by saying,When you and Miss Andrews go to Kalgan. I had alwayslooked forward to a trip to Kalgan as a treat in reserve, and itseemed to be decided for me that now was my opportunity. Sowe glady accepted, saying we would return with whoever camedown to mission-meeting. . . . Our party, Mr. and Mrs. Chapin and two child

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Image by jasleen_kaur
32 years ago today, during the annual Amritsar Akhand Keertan Samagam, Asa Ki Vaar was interrupted by news that the narkdhari leader, Gurbachan Singh, was leading a procession through the streets of Sri Amritsar Sahib.

Gurbachan SIngh had insulted Guru Sahib repeatedly, even putting his foot on Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Upon hearing that the narkdharis were having a procession, Bhai Fauja Singh ji asked if anyone wanted to join him in a peaceful protest against the narkdharis. More than 200 Singhs and SInghnia joined him.

Upon reaching Guru Ramdas Niwas, they were told that they procession had ended and they should go home.

The Fauj went to the place where the narkdharis had held their rally for a peaceful protest. When they arrived, they were stopped by police. The narkdharis had followed them and were shouting insults and taunts at the Gursikhs. Again the police told them to leave, as the procession was over. Suddenly a force of hundreds of armed narkdharis charged the peaceful Gursikhs.

As the police watched, they attacked the Gursikhs with swords, guns, bombs, and acid. Eventually the police joined in, shooting at the peaceful Gursikhs rather than stopping the attack.

Thirteen Gursikhs got shaheed that day. This was the rallying call that caused many Sikhs to become aware of the oppression directed at them by the Indian Government.

Please take a moment of your day to remember these shaheeds and their sacrifice for the panth.

Bhai Fauja Singh s/o Surain Singh, Amritsar
Bhai Avtar Singh s/o Bhagwan Singh Kuda Kurala Hoshiarpur
Bhai Harbhajan Singh s/o Jagat Singh Bhattian, Gurdaspur
Bhai Piara Singh s/o Kishan Singh, Bhungrani, Hoshiarpur
Bhai Raghbir Singh s/o Nawab Singh, Bhagupur, Amritsar
Bhai Gurcharan Singh s/o Daleep Singh, New Model Town, Ludhiana
Bhai Gurdial Singh s/o Sohan Singh, Mode, Amritsar
Bhai Amrik Singh s/o Kundan Singh, Khujala, Amritsar
Bhai Dharambir Singh s/o Lal Singh, Ajeet Nagar, Amritsar
Bhai Kewal Singh s/o Amar Singh, Prem Garh, Hoshiarpur
Bhai Hari Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh, Kot Ralia Ram, Amritsar
Bhai Ranbir Singh Fauji s/o Kala Singh, Thraj, Faridkot
Baba Darshan Singh s/o Achhar Singh Ji, Mehtha, Amritsa

Image taken from page 141 of ‘Rambles in East Anglia … Third edition’
Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

Title: "Rambles in East Anglia … Third edition"
Author: BRITTAIN, Harry.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 010358.ppp.4."
Page: 141
Place of Publishing: London
Date of Publishing: 1899
Publisher: Jarrold & Sons
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 000478955

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