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A charming couple
Image by Awais JIBRAN
He is from Ludhiana and I’m from Aligarh(UP). We came to Jhelum in 1947 & started living in a this small home which have not changed until now. (behind them)
How you make a living?
As we have no kids; We love help each other running this small shop plus we own goats. Our entire world revolve around these things

Whats the annoying thing about him?
He never keeps mobile phone with him when while going outside.

What you think about life?
When u love somebody you are scared of his annoyance.

One thing you feel satisfied about?
Even though we don’t have kids ourselves, our home and shop has always attracted the school and town kids. We really thank Allah for that.

Meet Mr. Mrs Raza Rehman; Charming couple from Jhelum, Punjab.

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