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WDM3A 16629R [LDH] NR


A few nice Ludhiana images I found:

WDM3A 16629R [LDH] NR
Image by Abhinav (The Ludhiana Edition)
March 2013 rebuilt: WDM3A 16629R of Ludhiana, captured at Jalandhar City.

USDA Cochran Fellowship
Image by U.S. Embassy New Delhi
Mr. S. Sukhpreet Singh Rode took part in a U.S. Department of Agriculture Cochran Fellowship training in 2008. As a Cochran fellow, Mr. Rode spent 2 weeks at the University of Wisconsin studying innovative techniques on animal husbandry, improved feeding practices, animal diseases and treatments, and calf rearing. With this background, Mr. Rode was able to acquire high-quality American dairy cattle genetics which he used to improve his dairying business in Punjab. He is shown with one of his American-origin Holstein crosses, which won a milk production award at the Progressive Dairy Farmers Association show near Ludhiana on February 14, 2011.

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